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about the Republican Party's diabolical plot to replace constitutional democracy with an oligarchic
fascist theocracy...

It's the only rational explanation!
Why does the Republican Party zealously pursue policies so obviously counter to the best interests of ordinary Americans? 

It can only be
because they're...
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Karl Rove may have officially retired from government "service" in 2007, but the trail of slime he left behind will keep investigators busy long after his pardon is issued in the closing days of the Bush regime. Most significant of these investigations will be the political persecution, prosecution and imprisonment of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. Missing from the news coverage of this odious case is the root of the scandal -- the theft of the 2002 Alabama gubernatorial race.

It is the Siegelman case which will connect the dots between the US Attorney firing scandal and the wholesale highjacking of the American ballot process. When proved -- and it ultimately will be exposed -- these crimes will be recorded as the most horrific offenses against our democratic republic in American history, because the motives were simply power for power's sake.

When the litany of breaches against our constitutional laws and traditions are finally revealed, it shall be known by all -- even Fox News viewers --  that Karl Rove was at the center of the conspiracy
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