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It's the only rational explanation!
Why does the Republican Party zealously pursue policies so obviously counter to the best interests of ordinary Americans? 

It can only be
because they're...
News Analysis
Cutting thru the Propaganda
Hall of Shame
Evil GOP Bastard of the Month
Rupert Murdoch
GOP Minister
of Propaganda
by Hal Crowther
The scariest thing about Fox and Rupert Murdoch, the thing that renders them all fear
Since the New Deal, Republicans have been on the wrong side of every issue of concern to ordinary Americans; Social Security, the war in Vietnam, equal rights, civil liberties, church- state separation, consumer issues, public education, reproductive freedom, national health care, labor issues, gun policy, campaign-finance reform, the environment
and tax fairness. No political party could remain so consistently wrong by accident.
The only rational conclusion is that, despite their cynical "family values" propaganda, the Republican Party is a criminal conspiracy to betray the interests of the American people
in favor of plutocratic and corporate interests, and absolutist religious groups. 

Why? Because they're evil GOP bastards!
News Analysis  continued
and no fun in a time of national crisis, is that they channel for the Bush administration as faithfully as if they were on the White House payroll. Like no substantial media outlet in our history, Fox serves--voluntarily--as the propaganda arm of a controversial, manipulative, image-obsessed government.
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Memo to Tom DeLay:
I think our standard smears and slurs will
work better than shipping the Texas "quorum busters" off to Gitmo as enemy combatants.
And you thought he was just
a right-wing religious kook

Senate confirmation hearings for the Bush/Federalist Society nomination of Alabama Attorney General William Pryor to a federal judgeship have revealed just how multifaceted Pryor really is. It was discovered that Pryor was the founder of the Republican Attorneys General Association,
a GOP fundraising machine that solicited money from large corporations that were under the regulatory gun (the tobacco industry, big oil, firearms manufacturers, etc.). Presumably, the implied offer of kinder, gentler treatment from GOP state attorneys in charge of enforcing regulations on these companies
was a dandy fundraising hook, if not
outright extortion

Pryor, who previously was noted for his public piety and opposition to the concept of separation of church and state, testified that he was unaware if RAGA had solicited money from Alabama companies. This has apparently been refuted by documents discovered by
the Judiciary Committee.  Perhaps Mr. Pryor, who supports the posting of the 10 Commandments in government facilities, should re-read the part about
bearing false witness.

American economy continues to tank

As the adage goes, when you've dug yourself into a hole, stop digging.  The Bush economic team finds that the deficit hole isn't deep enough and is now bringing in the heavy equipment. The stunning reversal of the Clinton-
era surpluses is too radical to be anything other than
the desired result of the
Bush/GOP economic agenda (the rich, after all, are getting richer). 

* Three million jobs lost since Bush took office

* The US is currently in the longest decline in US employment since 1944-46

* The 2003 budget deficit will reach $455 billion, with
next year's projected deficit hitting $475 billion

* The Bush tax cuts will double the national debt
in 10 years

House votes to roll-back recent
FCC changes, Bush threatens veto

In a sign of just how egregious was the recent (Republican-controlled) FCC ruling on softening restrictions on media consolidation, the House of Representatives
voted 400-21 to add a provision
reversing the FCC's changes to an appropriations
bill.  Naturally, President Bush threatens to veto the
bill (gotta keep those news organizations pliant with
a promise of bigger profits). 

Apalled at this betrayal of the public interest, conservative pundit
William Safire wrote: "The Bush
veto threat would deny funding to the Commerce, State
and Justice Departments, not to mention the federal judiciary. It would discombobulate Congress and
disserve the public for months. And to what end? To
turn what we used to call 'public airwaves' into private fiefs, to undermine diversity of opinion and  -- in its
anti-federalist homogenization of our varied culture --
to sweep aside local interests and community
standards of taste."

We'd like to see a list of those 21 representatives.
Those guys should be celebrated as "honest"
politicians (as defined by the late Mike Royko).
Once bought they stayed bought -- no matter how scandalous the appearance of impropriety.
Visit the highly recommended
Wage Slave Journal for their excellent "Score-
card of Evil" as well as other great content.
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1 Aug 2003
Press awakes from coma
(thank Ari Fleischer)

For those still blindly clinging to
the delusion that the US news
media is functioning as a watch-
dog against Bush administration
lies and abuses, the infamous "16 words" flap should serve as proof
of the credulity and laziness (if not utter corruption) of the American press.

After a year of demonstrably false claims about the necessity for war with Iraq, was there a glitch in Karl Rove's psychotronic brain-jammer?  How else can we explain the som-
nabilists in the White House press corps' sudden fixation on Bush's false "16 little words" about Niger uranium?  Was it deductive reason-
ing? An overwhelming preponder-
ance of evidence?

No, the answer is much simpler -- and alarming. The press corps awoke from their credulous snooze only because…Ari Fleischer (in a rare moment of candor) told them
(off camera) that the Niger reference was incorrect. Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank nonchalantly
revealed this interesting fact in an interview with Howard Kurtz on CNN.

It's a pathetic state of affairs when the Washington press corps can only conclude the president is lying if the administration tells them so.  Maybe a Bush apparatchik will someday "reveal" that this adminis-
tration also lied repeatedly about those
aluminum tubes, the Iraq-al Qaeda connection, and those thousands of WMDs that remain unfound. Until then, the lapdogs
of the press can be depended upon to
serve as stooges for the Bush propaganda machine. 

For a press corps that doesn't seem to understand the gravity of Bush's "high crimes" Iraq lies, Senator Carl Levin, ranking Democratic member of the Senate Armed Services Committee,
provides a primer that places those "16 little words" into the context of the Bush administra-
tion's larger
pattern of deception.

Bush damage control
In order to extinguish the firestorm
of criticism and to regain control of daily "talking points," the Bush administration is utilizing predic-
tably sleazy tactics:

* Misdirect the blame
CIA Director George Tenet failed
fall on his sword convincingly enough, so Condi Rice's deputy Stephen Hadley is the designated sacrifice to shield Bush from his
own words. How long will it be
until Hadley lands a six-figure job
at the Heritage Foundation or

/American Enterprise Institute?  We presume that this
will fade the heat for Dr. Rice,
who as the most "political" national security advisor in history, did more
lying to promote war with Iraq than anyone but VP Dick Cheney.

* Smear the critics in Congress Unnamed White House sources launched a campaign to remove frequent Bush critic Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) from his seat on the Senate Intelligence Committee for "leaking classified documents."  Durbin has effectively refuted
those charges.

* Ruin the careers of intelligence personnel who are seen as disloyal Again, "unnamed White House sources" revealed to conservative columnist Bob Novak that the wife of Ambassador Joseph Wilson (whose fact-finding mission to Niger should have put a stake through the heart
of the Niger uranium scam) was a covert CIA officer -- essentially
ending her career.

Publicly revealing the identity of a covert CIA officer, besides being viciously retaliatory, is a criminal
violation of US law. But laws don't matter to this cabal -- the only thing that matters is setting an example for what happens to intelligence whistleblowers (or even their spouses) if they publicly refute Bush's flimsy war rationales. And these are just the tactics that we know about.

Republican Congress
in see-no-evil mode

In addition to avoiding any inves-
tigation into whoever "outed" Mrs. Wilson, the same GOP congress-
men that obsessed over Bill Clinton's blowjobs are now determined to avoid learning any
details about Iraq that could be politically damaging to Bush and the GOP. In the Senate they quashed seven rational Democratic inquiries into such obvious questions as the cost of
the war and occupation. They don't wanna know, and they sure as hell don't want you to know.

The guy behind
the California recall

California GOP Congressman Derrell Issa has apparently succeeded in forcing a gubernatorial recall referendum.  Issa's success only reveals how big-money interests
can exploit the California referendum system. Issa shelled-out over a million bucks to fund the recall effort, paying signature-farmers to garner the relatively few signatures required to overturn a legitimate election.

Mr. Issa himself seems to be the prototypical GOP politician, with sociopathic policies, a fat bank account and a criminal background including auto theft and a weapons violation. But as Issa explained, it was just a
"little teeny pistol."
Need more proof that the Republicans are evil bastards?

The GOP grand conspiracy begins: the abolition of the "Fairness Doctrine"
If it's about fairness, depend on Republicans to oppose it

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