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Why does the Republican Party zealously pursue policies so obviously counter to the best interests of ordinary Americans? 

It can only be
because they're...
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Evil GOP Bastard of the Month
Zell Miller
Unofficial  GOP Senator (?-GA)
While Miller actively fought the 1964 Civil Rights Act and served as racist Governor Lester
Since the New Deal, Republicans have been on the wrong side of every issue of concern to ordinary Americans; Social Security, the war in Vietnam, equal rights, civil liberties, church- state separation, consumer issues, public education, reproductive freedom, national health care, labor issues, gun policy, campaign-finance reform, the environment
and tax fairness. No political party could remain so consistently wrong by accident.
The only rational conclusion is that, despite their cynical "family values" propaganda, the Republican Party is a criminal conspiracy to betray the interests of the American people
in favor of plutocratic and corporate interests, and absolutist religious groups. 

Why? Because they're evil GOP bastards!
News Analysis  continued
Maddox's chief of staff, he was for a while a semi-progressive governor. However, as a senator he consistenly votes with the GOP party line and has endorsed Bush for reelection. Miller contends that the Dems don't "under-
stand" the South. Earth to Zell: Yes,
we do.  Click
HERE for more info.
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Media consolidation is our 2nd highest priority (after packing the courts). With our "friends" controlling the news media, it'll be much easier to manipulate public opinion.
But pandering on these issues helps to maintain their electoral demographics, and thus, their ability to protect the nobles' interests.  How else can the nexus of environmental deregulation, abortion, free trade, school prayer, aggressive war and tax cuts for the wealthy be explained?

Lavishly funded by the nobles, the Republican Party and their co-conspirators have only one central, inviolate principle; maintaining and enhancing the wealth and power of the nobles. 

The result is manifested in the GOP's concerted assault on the principle of progressive taxation.

The GOP knows that popular programs such as Social Security and Medicare can never be abolished politically.  They also know that these programs can only be funded through progressive taxation on the rich. Therefore, the only way to kill these programs and the resultant tax liabilities on the wealthy is to deliberately bankrupt and cripple the American government through a policy of tax reduction.  To this end they have been remarkably successful just three years into the administration of George W. Bush. 

In good Straussian fashion, George W. Bush and the Republican Party utilized a conscious strategy of lying to an all-too-easily deceived peasantry -- offering refunds of "your money" to the voters, when what they were really planning were gigantic tax cuts for the plutocrats and
cuts in crucial government services vital to the peons.

There is also no secret about this strategy. Just check-out
Grover Norquist, the powerful head of the innocuously named Americans for Tax Reform.  Norquist has publicly boasted of his goal of "making the American government small enough to drown in the bathtub." 

prescription drug bill that recently passed is illus-
trative. Contrary to being a solution to runaway drug prices for those on fixed incomes, this bill is designed
to do the opposite.
Instead of benefiting senior citizens, the bill's true beneficiaries are HMOs and drug com-
panies.  Skeptical readers should know that this bill
explicitly prohibits the government's exploitation of its buying power to
negotiate lower drug prices.  Again, the
interests of the nobles are served at the expense of the peasants. 

Need another example?  How about the Bush admini-
stration's plan to
"reform" workers' overtime laws,
which will result in
longer hours and lower pay. Could
the GOP's devotion to the nobles' interests, and con-
tempt for average working Joes and Janes be more explicit?

Just as the feudal nobility of old had no interest in the welfare of the peasants other than how they could be exploited economically, militarily and sexually, today's aristocracy shows a similar lack of enlightened self-
interest, much less civic duty.  Were the peasants justified in hating their feudal lords?

Which brings us back to the subject of "hating" George W. Bush.  Certainly, America's nobility loves him -- he has, after all, made them much richer by reducing their tax burden. But for the middle and lower classes, it's class warfare at its worst.

When polluters can
poison their air and water with impunity; when crony capitalists can loot their retire-
ment funds without fear of prosecution; when they alone among all industrialized nations lack guaranteed health care; when they work significantly more weeks a year than their European counterparts (if lucky enough to
stay employed); when the
price of their labor continues
to fall while more and more wealth is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands; and when America's sons and daughters are killed and maimed in a trumped-up war, isn't a little hate justified?
George W. Bush and
the Anti-Publican Party:
When hatred is justifiable

Many pundits have recently lamen-
ted about how the Democrats have become just as vociferous in "Bush hating" as the GOP was during the Clinton administration.  This may indeed be true, but the reasons for such intense hatred are completely different.  President Clinton was hated not for his policies, which proved to be beneficial to every strata of the American populace,
but simply because he was not
one of "them."

"Them," of course are the right-
wingnuts motivated by a mixture of racism, fascism and/or religious absolutism, and America's pluto-
cratic elite -- the hereditary nobles that despised Clinton as much for his humble roots as for his modest increase in their tax liability. Com-
mon to all Clinton haters was the bizarre economic theory that:
a) government is inherently bad;
b) an unfettered free market will solve all social problems; and
c) that all taxation (especially
on the wealthy) is theft.

The unprecedented American prosperity during the Clinton years (achieved without a single GOP vote in Congress) gave lie to this radical economic theory.  As when any cherished dogma is challenged, the reaction by the ideologues was not to admit that -- hey, maybe we're wrong -- but to begin a systematic attempt to destroy Bill Clinton, resulting in the impeachment fiasco.

For ideologues from Bolsheviks to Busheviks, their ideology is sacred holy writ that can magically solve
all problems. It makes its propo-
nents "smart," and anyone failing
to agree on the brilliance and infal-
libility of their creed a "fool." Inconvenient facts that contradict
the ideology are either ignored, or if too obvious to ignore, branded a lie.  For the ideologue, it's a comfortable form of mental auto-pilot. 

In this respect, today's "conserva-
tive" movement is more of a criminal conspiracy (for the leaders who understand the scam) and a cult
(for the deluded followers voting against their own economic inter-
ests) than a legitimate political movement.  It's been designed that way.  Why?  Because this ideology doesn't serve the vast majority of
the American people's interests --
in fact, it victimizes them. 

Therefore, to achieve "conservative" electoral success, lies must be told.  Deceptions and mispercep-
tions must be engineered. Sophisti-
propaganda techniques must be employed. Truth and justice
must be turned inside-out in order
to achieve their ideological goals.

Unlike most grand conspiracy theories, this conspiracy isn't just
a theory, and not even secret. If there is an ideological godfather of the American neocon conspiracy, it's philosopher Leo Strauss (click
here for the hidden-in-plain-sight truth, here for an excellent analysis of Straussian philosophy, or simply do a Google search on "Leo Strauss").

In short, the Straussians (who now man the highest offices of the US government) believe that the unwashed masses are much too ignorant to be fully informed parti-
cipants in the democratic process, and that they should be manipulated with lies and snookered with hypo-
critical religious platitudes to endear them to their leaders.  Strauss and his devotees are themselves immune to theocratic flim-flam -- that's just for the rubes -- they're atheists.

Strauss provides an intellectual justification, if not encouragement, for government lies and other malfeasance to accomplish a political end. But what political end could be so important that our government must engage in the deliberate deception of its own citizens?

Consider George W. Bush, who
has lived his life with none of the economic concerns of the vast majority of Americans.  George W. Bush never lived in a household where tough decisions whether to make a car payment or pay a light bill had to be made, or where unemployment or illness had wrecked economic havoc.  Nor has George W. Bush ever had to worry about his children left at home unattended while both parents worked, unable to afford child care.  Mr. Bush never even suffered a momentary twinge of worry about being drafted and sent off to a
foreign land as Cold War cannon fodder. 

Similarly, George W. Bush floated from business failure to failure with no apparent ill effect on his standard of living, or on his employability with corporations eager to capitalize on the Bush family name.  No, those kinds of worries are for the "little people."  For America's hereditary nobility, calls can be made and strings can be pulled.

Is there any doubt that the GOP exclusively serves the interests of the hereditary nobility, of whom Bush represents, at the expense of the peasants?  Do not doubt the power of America's dynastic aristocracy where 2% of the population controls 50% of the wealth -- with disproportionate
wealth comes disproportionate power.

Of course, the Republican Party also supports other political positions that don't directly benefit the interests of the nobles, such as pandering to the gun nuts, fascists, racists, and Christian theocrats. 
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