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Since the New Deal, Republicans have been on the wrong side of every issue of concern to ordinary Americans; Social Security, the war in Vietnam, equal rights, civil liberties, church- state separation, consumer issues, public education, reproductive freedom, national health care, labor issues, gun policy, campaign-finance reform, the environment
and tax fairness. No political party could remain so consistently wrong by accident.
The only rational conclusion is that, despite their cynical "family values" propaganda, the Republican Party is a criminal conspiracy to betray the interests of the American people
in favor of plutocratic and corporate interests, and absolutist religious groups. 

Why? Because they're evil GOP bastards!
News Analysis  continued
this opportunity to remind our read-
ers of Starr's egregious misconduct in his blatantly partisan persecution of the Clintons. In a just society, Starr would be tried, convicted and imprisoned for official oppression against innocent peripheral figures such as Susan McDougal, who heroically resisted his brutal intimi-
dation tactics. For more, read

Susan McDougal's Book.
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Life would be a lot easier if I'd gone to work for the Dems. Those guys have it easy -- all they have to do is tell the truth.
For a mediocre man, perceiving himself a Great Leader surely has its satisfactions. For instance, the Great Leader has admitted that he didn't feel the need to consult his secretaries of state or defense before launching an invasion against his enemy of choice. Being the omnis-
cient super-president, he knew their body language and that they might try to talk him out of his Crusade. The Great Leader (at least one who perceives himself as
such) needs no advice. He answers only to his heavenly father. Bring 'em on. As far as delusions go, delusions of grandeur are always the most fun.

Naturally, the huge gap between the cultivated image
of the Great Leader and the less glorious reality of the Bush presidency requires a steady output of lies to fill that gaping void. Admitting that his impulsive "gut" decisions (as opposed to decisions derived from boring policy analyses) are not infallible isn't part of the fantasy-president experience. Infallibility is fun. Being God's right-hand man is even more fun. And spending over 40% of his time on vacation ensures that all that fun won't become too tedious.

Having none of the awesome responsibilities of a real presidency, and all of the fun of a fantasy-camp president, it's little wonder that W can't suppress his smirk.

Nowhere is the fantasy-camp presidency more apparent than during W's prime-time presidential press confer-
ences. Just as fantasy-camp batters aren't challenged with heat high and inside, the current White House press corps respectfully (getting too edgy means they won't be picked for future questions) tosses softballs submitted and selected in advance. One can only imagine the frus-
trations of BAD staffers trying desperately to prep their easily distracted boss. Getting off script, W himself once admitted inadvertently that these "press conferences" are nothing more than carefully choreographed shams. Oops.

With a press corps unwilling to report that our emperor has no clothes, the level of fantasy in our discourse has reached crisis proportions. According to BAD operatives and their flacks in the media, our economy is booming; millions of jobs have been created; instances of terrorism are at a 20-year low; Iraq is a now a sovereign democratic state; Al Qaeda hates us for our freedom, and; freedom is a gift from the Almighty to every human, but only to be selectively conferred by George W. Bush.   

These fantasies are fundamental to current Republican political theology -- along with other time-honored favorites such as the delusions that Ronald Reagan "won" the Cold War and that cutting taxes raises revenues.

But the most carefully cultivated fantasy of all is that George W. Bush deserves to be re-elected. To experience a truly fulfilling fantasy-camp presidency he needs that historical validation, and thereby triumph in his Oedipal competition as the under-achieving son versus his more capable father. Poppy was just a one-termer.

Not achieving a second term would bust W's fantasy of himself as a beloved, infallible Great Leader. Therefore, promises of further tax cuts must be made so that hundreds of millions of Big Money dollars can be raised
in order to broadcast more lies to deceive the credulous rubes who will then suffer the most if their hero is re-elec-
ted. The reality of the past four years must be obscured, the future mortgaged even more, and America's long-term national security interests sacrificed for Bush's short-term political advantage.

At this point, can anyone doubt that Bush and the radical Republican Guard that enables his fantasy-camp presi-
dency also find our sacred democratic traditions "quaint"?

If the GOP succeeds in reinstalling their fantasy-camp presidency it will be at great cost to our democracy. No good can possibly come from a leader motivated by self-aggrandizement and who governs through deceit.
July 1,  2004
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The presidency of George W. Bush is strikingly different from every other administration in US history. While we all knew this man was profoundly unprepared for the most important job in the Free World, many of us (those Red State voters) must have assumed he would grow into the job as many before him have done. By now it should be painfully obvious that he has not. This lack of growth is not simply the result of Bush's innate lack of intellectual curiosity.
It is primarily due to the attitude
that motivated his quest for the presidency.

America's best presidents have
been motivated by a desire to make America better, stronger, more prosperous and more just. By every act and policy of his presidency, George W. Bush has proved that these were not his motives. Rather than seeking the presidency as a means to a better end, George W. Bush has apparently sought power as an end unto itself.

How has this motivation been manifest?  One need look no farther than the disastrous tax cuts that were the centerpiece of his domes-
tic agenda, and the litany of lies
that brought about the unnecessary invasion and occupation of Iraq.

As the easiest form of political pandering, George W. Bush played the tax-cut scam beautifully. It's not that the truth about Bush's tax plan was unknown -- Al Gore rightfully noted during the 2000 campaign
that the end result would be mas-
sive deficits. However, the obvious mathematical incoherence of Bush's "fuzzy math" was ignored by the corporate media, which preferred to focus on the color of Gore's suits and other trivialities.

This is old news, but the point here is that George W. Bush and his radical enablers in the Republican Party knowingly lied (and continue
to lie) about the fundamental func-
tion of government; taxation and spending. The purpose of the lies was not to achieve some
greater good, but simply to get elected. For these guys, the long-term economic damage was immaterial. Getting elected was the only priority. Re- sponsible governance was not
even a consideration.

Similarly, US policy towards Iraq was sold under false pretexts. Every rationale for war offered by the Bush administration (hereafter referred to by its deserved acronym, BAD) proved to be a lie. After eliminating the many false justifications for the Iraq invasion, gaining control of Iraq's oil is the only rational explanation for the invasion and occupation -- other than the likely probability that the war was just a sleazy tactic for political advantage in the 2002
mid-term elections. 

Just as the BAD's tax policy has been catastrophic for America's long-term economic vitality, Bush's Iraq war shows every indication of being disastrous to our long-term national security interests. For
every innocent civilian killed by
the US military, or every innocent detainee tortured (with the explicit approval of the BAD) we create
new, highly motivated recruits for
Al Qaeda. Whatever the motives
for Bush's Iraq misadventure, the unavoidable result will be to further inflame Arab and Islamist passions against us -- ensuring more terror attacks against Americans and further destabilizing an already unstable region.

How can we explain these policies that are so obviously counter to
long-term US interests? How can
we explain the incredible number
of lies offered by the BAD to justify or deny these policies?

To answer these questions, we
must do a bit of long-distance psy-
choanalysis on the psyche of George W. Bush. Consider the life
of privilege that he has enjoyed. He has never achieved any success
on his own, with one business failure after another. His family's wealthy connections have always been there to bail him out. After his stint as the mostly ceremonial governor of Texas (also elected through budget-busting tax-cut pandering), what was left for him to aspire to?  With his sense
of entitlement as a son of America's hereditary nobility, why not the presidency? A man needs a hobby, after all.

From this perspective, the presi-
dency of George W. Bush can be characterized as that of a political "fantasy camp." Like affluent fans that pretend to be ballplayers by attending baseball-fantasy camps, he gets to do all the fun stuff (reverential treatment; appearing before crowds that are carefully screened to ensure wild cheering and standing ovations, bombing evildoers, carrier landings, etc.)
while avoiding the tough parts of
the job (balancing the budget,
seeing and hearing protesters who loathe him, being called to task for his lies; attending funerals of fallen US soldiers, etc.). 

As has been revealed by several former BAD officials that quit for ethical reasons or were fired for telling the truth, there is no policy apparatus in the Bush White House -- just a vicious political operation whose sole mission is to manufac-
ture and maintain Bush's public image. This is why the BAD stumbles from one policy fiasco
to the next.

And the purpose for that meticulous image management?  It's just so  Bush can pose as a Great Leader.  
Exposing the ugly truth
about the Republican Party's diabolical plot to replace constitutional democracy with an oligarchic
fascist theocracy...

It's the only rational explanation!
Why does the Republican Party zealously pursue policies so obviously counter to the best interests of ordinary Americans? 

It can only be
because they're...
The Real Reagan Legacy
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The Fantasy-Camp Presidency
of George W. Bush
by Jack Hughes