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Dick Cheney
Vice President
Cheney's secretive Energy Task Force
remains a mystery, despite inquiries
from the GAO,
Since the New Deal, Republicans have been on the wrong side of every issue of concern to ordinary Americans; Social Security, the war in Vietnam, equal rights, civil liberties, church- state separation, consumer issues, public education, reproductive freedom, national health care, labor issues, gun policy, campaign-finance reform, the environment
and tax fairness. No political party could remain so consistently wrong by accident.
The only rational conclusion is that, despite their cynical "family values" propaganda, the Republican Party is a criminal conspiracy to betray the interests of the American people
in favor of plutocratic and corporate interests, and absolutist religious groups. 

Why? Because they're evil GOP bastards!
News Analysis  continued
which Cheney has simply stonewalled.
John Dean notes that Cheney apparently lied to Congress when he reported that responsive documents
had been forwarded to the GAO, when  they most certainly were not.  Will Cheney's lie lead to impeachment? 
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It doesn't matter who's elected governor of California -- just that
we get control of their elections, like we had in Florida in 2000. Makes for
an easy "fix."
Getting to that point will be no picnic.  Anti-US forces
in Iraq will undoubtedly continue attacks on our troops
(currently averaging
12 attacks daily), causing jittery soldiers to be more trigger-happy, causing more innocent civilian casualties, which will in turn cause more anti-US fighters to be recruited. It's a vicious cycle that can only be averted by super-human restraint by our soldiers.
This virtually unattainable requirement ensures that
the probability for success is much smaller than the probability of failure. In any event, the Iraq problem will
be with us long after Bush's omnicient Masters of the Universe are long gone -- safely back in the comfortable bosom of executive suites and conservative think tanks.

Iraq civilian death toll tops 37,000?
As reported by the anti-Saddam and anti-US occupation Iraq Freedom Party, surveys of undertakers, hospital officials, etc., have revealed that
the civilian death toll is much higher than official estimates, numbering a horrific 37,137. 

EPA lied about air quality at Ground Zero
It has been revealed that, under pressure from the White House, the Environmental Protection Agency falsely certified that the air quality at Ground Zero in NYC was safe. As usual, the Bush administration has put corporate profits ahead of public-health interests.  In
an angry letter to the White House, Senators Hillary Clinton and Joseph Lieberman have demanded to know by whom this directive was authorized. As columnist Jimmy Breslin writes: "Christine Whitman was the EPA head until recently. I wasn't disturbed that her education was a jump horse school, but I thought she was better than standing up and doing what she was told by George Bush's White House, telling lies to a public who had to breathe this air. Turns out she isn't much of a human being."

Bush guts Clean Air Act
At this point, it's hardly newsworthy when Bush rewards his corporate energy cronies and screws American citizens.  Now the Bush administration has gutted a key
provision of the Clean Air Act that required the energy industry to upgrade pollution controls when upgrading electrical generating plants.  Does the GOP breathe different air from the rest of us?

Electronic voting machine CEO pledges
to deliver electoral votes to Bush

In what should be an alarming threat to American democracy, the CEO of one of the nation's biggest electronic voting-machine manufacturers revealed his partisan preference for the GOP, and pledged to deliver electoral votes for George W. Bush.  Walden O'Dell, CEO of Diebold, wrote in an Ohio (where Diebold is attempting to sell e-voting machines)
GOP fundraising appeal that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year." Just how committed Diebold is to delivering votes to the GOP is a question that should be immediately resolved.  For more on the dangers of paperless black-box voting, click here.

Energy deregulation leads to blackouts
The recent blackout in the Northeast was symptomatic
of the problems associated with the deregulation of the American energy industry.  As
Joe Conason writes: "At this point, an alert citizen might have noticed that the wonders of the deregulated market in energy have yet to become manifest. That alert citizen might also have noticed that deregulation has led to a few rather costly dislocations. Enron's rise and sudden demise created a catastrophe that radiated outward from Houston to wreak tremendous damage in the energy and financial markets. California's manipulated energy "crisis" in the winter of 2001 leeched $70 billion from the state, caused severe economic damage, and plunged its politics into their present clownish disarray."

Bush deficits leaving children behind
deficit for the coming year is estimated at $480 billion, with the national debt reaching a staggering
$5.8 trillion by 2013.  The national bankruptcy has been hitting
education particularly hard with teachers being
laid off and schools closed.  So much for "compassionate conservatism." Unfortunately, compassion for George W. Bush is
limited to propaganda "..photos of the smiling Bush with smiling black children."

Evil GOP Bastard of the Month updates
This month, two of our previous dishonorees are back
in the news:

* Rep.Bill Janklow (R-SD) has been indicted for manslaughter.  This may be the second person killed
by Janklow. 

Daniel Pipes was appointed by Bush to head the US
Institute for Peace via recess appointment. Pipes' controversial past made
Senate confirmation unlikely.
Visit the highly recommended
Wage Slave Journal for their excellent "Score-
card of Evil" as well as other great content.
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1 September 2003
Iraq: Not going according to plan
The reality on the ground in post-
Operation Iraqi Freedom Iraq must be a really inexplicable pheno-
menon to the neocons calling the
shots in Bush II.  After all, they were capable of managing domestic poli-
tical reality through a combination
of brilliant propaganda and rhetoric coupled with a compliant and cred-
ulous press.  How could things be going so wrong foreign-policy-wise?

Masters of the Universe -- the cabal of Bush political appointees from the Project for a New American Century who now independently manage intelligence and policy from the bowels of the Pentagon -- surely were able to foresee all possibilities. They had a Plan. The Plan went something like this:

1.The Iraqi army would be either co-opted through threats or bribes to Iraqi commanders, or rapidly and easily destroyed by US airpower.  

2.Saddam and his sons would either flee the country or be killed in combat -- either way, once the Husseins were out of the picture, armed resistance would end.

3.US forces would be hailed as liberators, and public order established immediately.

4.The US would control the spigot for Iraqi oil, and thus global oil prices. Revenues from the sale of Iraqi oil would finance the entire operation.

5.Seeing the invincibility of American arms, Al-Qaeda would throw-in the towel, and Palestinian militants would see the futility of armed resistance and sue for peace and a state on Israeli terms.

6.The US military would be strategic-
ally ensconced in a friendly, allied Iraq on the borders of Syria, Kuwait, Jordan, and Turkey, with  Iran boxed-in between US-controlled Afghanistan and Iraq.

7.The national-security debate
would not only define who's tougher on Saddam, but would suck out all the political oxygen from the Democrats' populist initiatives -- enhancing GOP political success
in the 2002 mid-term elections.

8.Glorious victory parades of returning troops would complete
the triumph (in the Roman sense)
of George W. Bush just in time for the 2004 presidential elections.
Let a thousand blossoms bloom.

One can imagine how this Plan was sold to the unschooled president: 

"All positives and no negatives!"  "We'll actually make a profit!"  "We'll be able to parlay popular support for the war into domestic policy advantage!"  "You'll be hailed as the greatest American president of the 21st century!"

All they had to do was whip-up sup-
port for this adventure.  Of course, that meant lying their collective asses off about; Iraqi nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, mobile bio-weapons labs, bio-chem
weapons-dispensing drones, Iraq's role as the WMD quartermaster for Al-Qaeda -- the end of the world as we know it.  All lies.

One can appreciate the confidence swelling within the Masters of the Universe -- confidence that they could successfully engineer the most bogus US military adventure since the Spanish-American war. But as pride goeth before a fall, the Masters of the Universe overestima-
ted their ability to spin the foreign press. In their attempt to manage political perception on a global scale, their reach exceeded their grasp.  The majority of the planet was not buying the Bushit.  That left only the Coalition of the Willing to be Bought (for instance, we pay Poland $10,000 per Polish soldier in Iraq).

With the exception of the Brits, the international community that enthu-
siastically supported our justifiable Afghanistan operations examined our "evidence" and found it lacking.  Not only was our war rationale weak, the problems in governing a post- Saddam Iraq were still as compelling as during the first Gulf War, when Bush the Elder contented himself with evicting Saddam from Kuwait and declined the opportunity to conquer and occupy Iraq. 

After contemptuously dismissing the UN as irrelevant, and our traditional European allies as "Old Europe," we are now
seeking their help -- but only their unconditional help.  Most major powers will rightly demand some input as to how their troops will be used -- and be unlikely to come to the rescue of the Bush administra-
tion after their egregious tactics of threats, slander and bribery.  Under these circumstances, why would any rational government willingly put
their troops in harm's way in Iraq?  We broke it, we bought it.

In a comic attempt to explain how "mistaken" US intelligence estimates were in light of those
missing WMDs, the Busheviks are now seeking to blame… (drum roll) …Iraqi defectors (cymbal crash).  No, it's not that defectors and exiles will usually tell intelligence debriefers what they want to hear. The story now being pushed by the Bush spin machine is that these defectors
were sent by Saddam Hussein to make us think they had WMDs.
The Masters of the Universe are so arrogant that they believe this ludicrously illogical argument (just before the war, Iraq had allowed free access by UN weapons inspectors to prove that they didn't have WMDs) will be mindlessly accepted by the American people.  Unfortunately, they may be right.

The sad reality is that Bush has unnecessarily committed the American taxpayers to hundreds of billions of reconstruction dollars and years of dangerous occupation duty by US forces based on overly optimi-
stic assumptions by overly arrogant advisors. Like it or not, we're now stuck in Iraq and will have to pay the price for the Masters of the Universe'
arrogance and deceptions for years to come. There is no exit strategy other than successfully remaking Iraq in our democratic-republican image, no matter what the cost in treasure or lives.
Need more proof that the Republicans are evil bastards?

The GOP grand conspiracy begins: the abolition of the "Fairness Doctrine"
If it's about fairness, depend on Republicans to oppose it

Caught on Film: Bush Rhetoric Versus Reality

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The Reagan campaign committed treason against the US to ensure the defeat of Jimmy Carter in 1980, and got away with it

The Florida Republican Recount Riot: A Consortorium report on how paid GOP operatives circumvented the democratic process through mob violence

How heretical cult leader / convicted felon Sun Myung Moon achieved such influence over the Republican Party (and shameless televangelist lackeys like Jerry Falwell)

Bush & Cheney corporate sleaze: The encyclopedia of Harken and Halliburton Scandals

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